ASTreeView 1.1.1 Released

By | October 15, 2009
The new version of ASTreeView includes:

Some bugs fixed:

  • In DropdownTreeView, the RequiredValidator cannot be disabled.
  • Javascript error when ajax request failed.
  • Tree line does not display correctly after move the last node.
  • Initialization of the treeview may cause js error if in the low bandwidth.

New features:

  • Add Sever-Side ExpandAll, CollapseAll, ExpandTo(depth) Methods.
  • Add ExpandDepth Property to allow developer set the initial opening depth of the treeview.
  • Add new samples of getting client-side modificatioins( move nodes, add, edit, delete).
  • Optimize the calculation of tree lines after drag & drop nodes.

In the next version, I plan to add new features:

  • Allow developer set if child nodes being checked if their parent be checked.
  • Add theme feature.