Docker Proxy Configuration

There are a lot of places to configure the proxy for Docker. Two major scenarios: If you want to configure the proxy for the containers (like apt install inside container), you need to config in ~/.docker/config.json. If you want to use proxy for Docker itself, like docker pull , configure the systemd: Or edit… Read More »

Create reverse tunnel with autossh and systemd

Install autossh with sudo apt install autossh Create autossh.service in /etc/systemd/system/ folder The content of autossh.service: [Unit] Description=AutoSSH service for a reverse tunnel from SERVER to localhost # start after DNS ready, but seems no difference with [Service] ExecStart=autossh -M [LOCAL_PORT] -N -D [YOUR_LOCAL_IP]:[LOCAL_PORT] -i [YOUR_PRIVATE_KEY] [REMOTE_USER]@[REMOTE_USERVER] RestartSec=5 Restart=always [Install] Execute… Read More »

Docker Image Cleanup

Here is a bash script to cleanup images on a build server: #!/bin/bash sudo docker image rm -f $(sudo docker image ls | grep ‘your_image_name’ | awk ‘{ print $3 }’) sudo docker images -q -f dangling=true | xargs -r sudo docker rmi -f Hope it helps. 🙂

Bluetooth mouse won’t connect after reboot/sleep on Ubuntu 18.04

System & hardware: OS: Ubuntu 18.04 LTS Mouse: Logitech M337 Symptom: After reboot/sleep, Bluetooth mouse won’t get connected again. Need to remove and pair again to make it work again. Steps to solve this problem: 1. Update bluez. sudo add-apt-repository ppa:bluetooth/bluez sudo apt install bluez 2. Remove paired mouse. (If it is paired before) 3.… Read More »

Open in Visual Studio Code in Finder with Automator

Here’s how to add “Open in Visual Studio Code” in Finder in MacOS: Open Automator. Choose Quick Action. Change Workflow receives current with files and folders, and in with and Path (if you have) Add an action Run Shell Script, enter open -n -b “” –args “$*” And it’s done.  

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Display Azure Container Registry as Table

The docker image display of Azure Container Registry is horrible: From the Azure UI, you don’t know the relation of each tag and time. So I wrote a shell script to display it in a table using Azure Cli: The result will be like this: Much nicer. 🙂

Migrate from Vue Cli 2 to 3

Vue Cli 3 is officially released so it’s a great time to upgrade because it brings a bunch of new features like plugin system, hiding the complexity of webpack and the very nice UI for the Cli. It make the Vue development experience even more fun. I spent around 30 mins to migrate an complete… Read More »

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