Monthly Archives: February 2010

ASTreeView 1.5.3 Release Notes

ASTreeView has been updated to version 1.5.3. In the new version, developer can have more flexibility to control Add/Edit/Delete/DragDrop with customized javascript handler. In addition, from 1.5.3, two versions of ASTreeView will be available, one for .Net Framework 2.0(build with Ajax Extension 1.0), one for .Net Framework 3.5(build with Ajax Extension 3.5 ). Samples also… Read More »

Detect invalid characters in sql

A customer needs to know whether the names of the users contain some invalid characters, like tab characters. This is the code of a function which validates a string in sql: CREATE FUNCTION IsNameValid( @Name NVARCHAR(100) ) RETURNS BIT BEGIN SELECT @Name = RTRIM(ltrim(@Name)) IF(@name IS null) OR (@Name = ”) RETURN 1 DECLARE @len… Read More »