Monthly Archives: May 2010

ASTreeView 1.5.8 Release Notes

The latest version of ASTreeView is 1.5.8. In this new version, some small bugs have been fixed and several new features have been added: New APIs: SelectNode – select a node by node value CheckNodes – check nodes by node values UnCheckNodes -  uncheck nodes by node values FindByValue – find node by node value,… Read More »

ASTreeView – Perform PostBack while deleting nodes

How to do a postback after a node being deleted? Here’s the steps: 1. Set the OnNodeDeletedScript property of ASTreeView. OnNodeDeletedScript=”deletedHandler(val)” 2. Add a hidden button and a textbox(both are server side control) to the page: <div style=”display:none;”> <asp:Button ID=”btnPostBackTrigger” runat=”server” OnClick=”btnPostBackTrigger_Click” /> <asp:TextBox ID=”txtIDContainer” runat=”server”></asp:TextBox> </div> 3. Implement the deletedHandler javascript method: <script type=”text/javascript”>… Read More »

ASTreeView – How to disable checkbox PostBack

There’s a request that to disable the checkbox PostBack while the AutoPostBack properties is set to true. Because for node selection, we want to enable the PostBack. By default, if we set the AutoPostBack properties of ASTreeView, both the checkbox and selection will be effected. So here we need a little tricky to achieve that:… Read More »