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How to print Chinese characters in ZPL

1. You need to have Chinese font on the printer, use Zebra font downloader application to install. 2. The is a sample code to print Chinese characters: ^XA ^CI28 ^A@N,50,50,E:SIMSUN.FNT ^FO50,110^FDChinese 中文字符^FS ^XZ Another format can be: ^XA ^CI28 ^CWA,E:SIMSUN.FNT ^FO240,30^AAN,36,36^FDChinese 中文字符^FS ^XZ Use CW command to change font, so that you need only to… Read More »

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Hide Back Button of Modern UI for WPF

I searched the web seems no answer for this topic, so i create a style to hide the button: <Style TargetType=”{x:Type mui:ModernButton}”> <Style.Triggers> <Trigger Property=”Command” Value=”NavigationCommands.BrowseBack”> <Setter Property=”Visibility” Value=”Collapsed” /> </Trigger> </Style.Triggers> </Style> Hope it helps.

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