ASTreeView 1.5.8 Release Notes

By | May 30, 2010

The latest version of ASTreeView is 1.5.8.

In this new version, some small bugs have been fixed and several new features have been added:

New APIs:

SelectNode – select a node by node value
CheckNodes – check nodes by node values
UnCheckNodes -  uncheck nodes by node values
FindByValue – find node by node value, just like the FindControl in WebControl.
FindByText – finde ndoe by node text.

Enable/Disable feature in ASDropDownTreeView

Developers now can set Enabled property of ASDropDownTreeView to enable/disable it.

this.astvMyTree.Enabled = false;

EnableOpenClose property for ASTreeViewNode

It’s now possible to remove the plus/minus icon in front of the tree node. This is for some situation that some nodes are needed to always be open. Just simply set the EnableOpenClose to false to remove the open/close icon:

someNode.EnableOpenClose = false;

[IMPORTANT]Drag and Drop API change

In the new version, I changed the OnNodeDragAndDropCompleteScript to OnNodeDragAndDropCompletingScript and added a new API called OnNodeDragAndDropCompletedScript.

And the difference between the new APIs":

In OnNodeDragAndDropCompleting, you CANNOT get the new siblings of the current node because the drag and drop hasn’t finished yet. But you can  cancel the drag and drop at this time.

In OnNodeDragAndDropCompleted, you CANNOT cancel the drag and drop because the node has been appended to the new node. But at this time, you can get the new parent, new sibling of the current node.

If you are going to update to 1.5.8 and you’re using the on node drag and drop event, please update your code, change the OnNodeDragAndDropComplete to OnNodeDragAndDropCompleting to keep the same behavior.


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