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Switchy真是好插件,特别是处理flickr这种部分被封的网站时候,效率很高,因为它可以设置规则,在一个页面内对于部分资源用代理访问。 先前一直不能使用的问题找到了,原来要在Network那个tab里把Proxy for VPN/Dial-up勾选上 在此记录下我的基本配置: Proxy Profiles: Switch Rules: 其中 Rule List URL: http://autoproxy-gfwlist.googlecode.com/svn/trunk/gfwlist.txt Network: General: 可能Chrome extension网站也blocked了,所以附上Switchy下载: http://www.jinweijie.com/download/switchy_1_6_3.crx

Subclipse through ISA Proxy

If you want to use Subclipse( an svn plugin for eclipse ) and you are behind your company’s ISA Server, you need to tell the Subclipse to use proxy while accessing outside: 1. Go to C:\Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Subversion 2. Edit the servers file, in the bottom of the file, uncomment the proxy settings… Read More »