Dapper Custom Pagination Sample

By | July 25, 2017


Sample for custom pagination using Dapper. Supporting sorting + criteria + pagination.

Source Code



Unzip Database\Database.7z, attach to LocalDB, or restore to your favoriate Sql Server instance and change the connection string in App.Config.
Open solution and run the application.
Caller sample:

Tuple<IEnumerable<Log>, int> Find(LogSearchCriteria criteria
            , int pageIndex
            , int pageSize
            , List<SortDescriptor> sortings);

Two Query Approaches

Since it is a custom paging, you need to get the current page records as well as the total record count. After SQL Server 2012, you can use Fetch/Offset statement to do it in a single query. Prior to SQL Server 2012, you need two queries to achieve this. So in my example, I demonstrate the both approach.

You can check the Fetch/Offset sample in Repository\LogRepository.cs FindWithOffsetFetch. Another one is also in the same class the method name is Find.

Supports Table Join

In the examples, you can find I used some inner join to demostrate to get some entity from multiple table from database.

Sample UI to Test

After preparing the database, you can directly compile and run the sample application.