ASTreeView 1.4.0 Release Notes

By | January 3, 2010

ASTreeView has been updated to version 1.4.0, you may download at

New Features:

1. Virtical Drag and Drop Nodes

    If you use ASTreeView as a list, you can set EnableHorizontalLock=true, then the end user can only move the nodes up and down, not left or right, screenshot:


Visit online demo

2. Fixed Drag and Drop depth

    If you want the end user just move the node within the same level as its original level, you may set the property EnableFixedDepthDragDrop=true, then the nodes can only be drag and drop to the same level as its original level, visit online demo.

3. Add OnNodeDragAndDropStartScript Event

    A new event OnNodeDragAndDropStartScript  is now available for developers to execute some js when the end user start to drag nodes. Here’s a usage sample:
    add a property for astreeview:

OnNodeDragAndDropStartScript="dndStartHandler( elem )"

the js function to handle start drag drop:

//parameter must be "elem"

functiondndStartHandler( elem ){
    document.getElementById("<%=divConsole.ClientID %>").innerHTML
    += (">>drag started. [Node]"+ elem.getAttribute("treeNodeValue")
    +" [Parent]:"+ elem.parentNode.parentNode.getAttribute("treeNodeValue")
    +"<br />");


you may also check the online demo.

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