ASTreeView 1.2.2 Release Notes

By | October 29, 2009

ASTreeView 1.2.2 released. You may download it now from:

Here is a list of the new features added and bugs fixed:

New Features:

1. Themes
    ASTreeView now supports themes! Developer can easily create his own theme for the treeview. Check out the demo.


2. Right-To-Left support
    ASTreeView now supports rtl display, thank Mojtaba Vali for the suggestion! Also check out the demo.


3. A performance testing demo page added to demo project.
    See the Demo.

Bugs fixed:

1. Drag & drop bug fix, thank fire_birdie for reporting the bug.
2. Dropdown Tree display error after drag and drop. thank 一毛 for reporting the bug.
3. Fix Img Url Property problem. thank tzess for reporting this issue. (fixed in 1.2.2)