Fix “The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly.” Error in Tracing and Caching Provider Wrappers for Entity Framework

When using Tracing and Caching Provider Wrappers for Entity Framework in ASP.Net MVC project, you may encounter the following error: The invoked member is not supported in a dynamic assembly.   This error is caused by GetManifestResourceStream method in Assembly does not support dynamic assembly. To fix this error, go to line 184 @ EFProviderWrapperToolkit\EntityConnectionWrapperUtils.cs, … Read More »

Use Git to perform daily backup

You can use git to perform scheduled backup for your file, for example, backup a site deploy. For example, I want to backup a site named MVC4 I use git + script + scheduled task to do the backup, the advantage of this approach is that: Each backup can be compared for changes. Save disk… Read More »

Multi-Language for ASP.Net Website Project using Satellite Assembly

Satellite assembly introduction A satellite assembly is a compiled library (DLL) that contains (“localizable”) resources such as strings, bitmaps, etc. You are likely to use them when creating a multilingual (UI) application. Satellite assemblies provide you with the capability of designing and deploying your solution to multiple cultures, rather than hard coding strings, bitmaps, etc.,… Read More »

.Net Build System for Sublime Text 2

Sublime text 2 is a great text editor that every develop should get a copy at least give a try. I create a build script for .net in sublime text 2. It can do the following things: Build source code into .exe file under your sublime project folder recursively. Add reference DLLs while building source… Read More »

Modify Nextgen Gallery to Extract Picasa’s Caption

I use Picasa to manage my photos locally and Nextgen gallery(a wordpress plugin) as my online photo albums. And in Picasa, captions can be added to photo’s meta tags, like this: When upload to Nextgen gallery, I would like to have this caption to be added to the photo’s title and description. So I modified… Read More »

Mask Mobile Number Using C#

A small piece of code which mask any string with specific mask characters. // Mask the mobile. // Usage: MaskMobile("13456789876", 3, "****") => "134****9876" public static string MaskMobile(string mobile, int startIndex, string mask) { if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(mobile)) return string.Empty; string result = mobile; int starLengh = mask.Length; if (mobile.Length >= startIndex) { result = mobile.Insert(startIndex, mask);… Read More »

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Getting Started with Selenium in CSharp

Selenium is a suite of tools to automate web app testing across many platforms. You may download and use Selenium from In this post, I would like to introduce the basic usage of Selenium in .Net development. Create Selenium instance In Selenium 2.0, there is a concept named WebDriver which is used to interacting… Read More »